Key Distribution Manager

is a software solution that brings the single sign-on principle into the UNIX environment through the distribution of Secure Shell (SSH) keys and which offers the central administration of users in such systems.

User administration and authentication in UNIX and Linux operating systems are specific in that the number of users who have very high privileges is quite small. Unauthorized access to an operating system often also means the possibility to misuse applications on the servers that are being operated. AMI Praha a.s. has developed a unique solution that minimizes security risks while decreasing your expenses connected with the operation of the infrastructure.

Thanks to being interconnected with the user identities for which keys are generated and administered, KDM is also able to manage the lifecycle of such privileged keys in UNIX systems. In so doing, KDM functions as a privileged identity manager (PIM), in addition to its role as a central authentication authority.

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KDM in the Final of the 2014 IT Product of the Year

KDM advanced to the final of the 2014 IT Product of the Year competition, earning the right to use the designation "IT product of 2014".

What is the actual contribution of Key Distribution Manager?

  1. Decreases expenses for the administration of privileged user accounts in operating systems of the UNIX and Linux types.
  2. The single sign-on (SSO) principle – speeds up the work of users who access OS servers through SSH or SCP.
  3. Strengthens security through the central registration of keys with the option of the fast termination of a key in the event of it being compromised or lost.
  4. Unifies account management and key distribution into one process and one interface, with the possibility of being interconnected with identity management processes.

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